Welcome to my world!

If I had to sum myself up in 11 words? 
'Mum, wife, true-crime junkie, marketing-obsessed, problem-solving, data-geek.'

I'm passionate about helping my industry-experts to grow their business on their terms, without having to simply add more effort and hustle, by implementing strategies and systems that help to generate revenue on autopilot.

Clients call me the conversion queen, with my holistic approach and 3-step TLC‚ĄĘ framework that encompasses traffic, leads and conversions¬†to uncover the hidden opportunities in their business and funnels to make more sales.

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Here's what I believe.

 Stick around for 5 to read about my take on launches + online business...

Overnight success is a myth.

‚ÄúBuild it and they will come.‚Ä̬†Agreed no¬†truly successful business owner ever.

The gurus have been selling a dream that we're just 'one funnel away' from life-changing riches. But let's face it. Overnight success in business is extremely rare.

Over the years, I've witnessed one too many business owners struggling to make more money. They're doing all the things they think they need to be doing: hiring an a-class copywriter, building incredible courses, running a webinar, outsourcing their ads...but they never quite see the success they dream of. 

In reality, success takes time and patience. 

It's a long-game that's worth playing, but only to those willing to test, to tweak and to focus on the things that will actually move the needle in their business.

Business is not plug-and-play.

Sorry to break it to you.
But there isn't a single 'what's working now' strategy that can guarantee results.

I see entrepreneurs trying all the things to get things moving: 'Ooh let's run a quiz. How about an evergreen webinar. Let's download this launch template.' All without looking at the big picture or what their business actually needs in order to increase leads, conversions and make more sales.

There's way more behind successful industry-expert businesses than what you see on the surface. If you've ever funnel-hacked a competitor but had mediocre results yourself, you'll know what I mean.

Every business is different. Every niche is different. Every launch is different.

You have to go beyond the surface-level of a clever ad campaign, sophisticated funnel or fancy launch event to truly understand why it's successful.


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