I can help you generate leads, grow your audiences and improve conversions & sales, so you can make more money and have more impact without working harder.


"Jess is fantastic at what she does! It's Jess' outlook on the overall messaging and experienced marketing mindset, however, that is the true jewel in the crown." CHRIS DUCKER - entrepreneur, investor, keynote speaker and bestselling author.


I help industry-leading experts generate leads, grow their audiences and improve conversions & sales, so they can make more money and have more impact without working harder.


"Jess is fantastic at what she does! It's Jess' outlook on the overall messaging and experienced marketing mindset, however, that is the true jewel in the crown." CHRIS DUCKER

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I'm Jess Brookes

As an ads expert, launch strategist & 'conversion queen', I've helped other business owners like you generate millions in revenue using simple but highly effective digital marketing strategies to generate leads and increase conversions.

If you've turned your expertise and knowledge into a business - whether selling courses, memberships, coaching, 1:1 services or all of the above (like me!) - I'll show you how to grow your audience and make more sales using strategies that actually work.

From small tweaks that will have a huge impact on your conversions, to reaching unimaginable revenue with a wildly successful launch strategy, it's time to generate more money while you sleep so you can step back and start enjoying the life you've created.

You have something brilliant to offer the world. But you just need more people to experience it.

Most expert-businesses I work with want to generate more leads and make more sales, but they're often just too close to their business, too busy working in their business, or simply have no clue what to do to get the results they're after.

Sound familiar?

- If your business has been plateauing for a while.
- If you feel like your go-to strategies have run dry (as have your current leads and list).
- Or if you're ready to turn things up a notch in your business and GROW,
- & you're not really sure what to do next...

I'm your girl!

When you hire me, you'll get a fresh pair of eyes, my problem-solving brain, and over 18 years of experience to help you grow your business to a new level by either diagnosing and fixing something in your funnel that's not working, or introducing untapped opportunities and new strategies.

We'll look at your ads, your messaging, your copy, your strategy, your offers, your positioning, your funnels - and all of the things that are crucial conversion factors for creating success in your business - so that you can make the smart changes you need to start having way more impact with your business, without having to work harder for it.

Some of my favourite client successes:

Results: 100+ new monthly members with $2k ad spend.

Julia Kelleher
5 Carat Collective membership for studio photographers.


Results: filled her weekly live launches and now sells consistently on evergreen.

Dr Lori Cesario
Veterinary oncology training for owners of dogs with cancer.


Results: evergreen strategy consistently generating 4-5x ROAS.

Sophia Sutton-Jones
Founder of Sourdough Sophia courses, workshops and books.


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Now for the good bit...

There are a few different ways we can work together:

If you've got a marketing or business challenge that needs solving ASAP:

Power Sessions

Only £500+VAT:

  • Pick my brains for 2 whole hours (or split into 2 x 1 hour sessions) and get¬†7 days of follow-up support.
  • Perfect for troubleshooting ads,¬†planning a launch or brainstorming marketing, content & messaging ideas.¬†
  • Choice of either¬†2 x 1 hour or 1 x 2 hours in-depth strategy sessions.
  • 1:1 with Jess¬†via Zoom.
  • Includes 7 days unlimited follow-up support via email or WhatsApp.
  • Entire package only ¬£500+VAT (block bookings available at a discount).
  • Book your appointment online.

If you're an industry expert with an online business:

Consulting & Management

I'll create a bespoke package to suit your goals and level of support that you need, including:

  • Creative launch strategy¬†designed for you to either implement yourself in-house or with me working alongside your team.
  • Strategic, business, launch and¬†marketing consultancy;¬†we'll collaborate and brainstorm¬†to help you grow your online business without overwhelm.
  • Full implementation and management¬†of your funnel, ads and live/evergreen launches, from lead generation through to conversion.
  • Facebook Ads Management & training.

If you're an in-house team, ad manager or marketing pro:

Training & Mentorship

Options include:

  • TEAM TRAINING: support, training and coaching in all aspects of marketing for your¬†own team member(s) to¬†help them upskill quickly, get better results for your business, and free up your time.
  • MENTORSHIP: 1:1¬†mentoring¬†for service providers and freelancers, from someone who has a built a multi-6-figure¬†ads¬†agency and online business.
  • ADPRENEUR ACADEMY: grow¬†your own ads management business or train your team member, with¬†my blueprint for running successful Facebook & Instagram ads. Click here to become an Adpreneur.

Get in touch. 

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