What it's like to work with Jess:


Results: First 100k launch with less stress and more ease.


"All of my previous launches were super stressful and extremely intense. But I've learnt from Jess which levers I need to pull to have the maximum impact." Gloria Chou

Results: 6 figure launch and new funnels working on autopilot.

 "Working with Jess took an enormous amount of stress away from our most recent course launch. She has a great understanding of all the moving parts of a successful launch and how to use Facebook ads effectively which enabled us to achieve such a brilliant result. Jess is the consummate professional, charming, organised, efficient and reliable." Antony Whitaker

Results: Nearly 1 million in course sales cost reduced by 80%.


"Jess is totally amazing. She knows what she is doing and delivers. She also anticipates what you need and gets it done to a super professional standard. She is the most powerful asset I've added to my team this year!" Joy Foster


"Jess is one of the only people I would recommend to truly make your business and ads successful."


"To find someone who has a whole holistic approach is extremely difficult to find. But that's exactly what we got in Jess. She's the only person I would personally trust teaching it to my students and clients." Brandon Lucero

Results: Growing a thriving ads management business working with her ideal clients.

"Jess is positive and encouraging. I highly recommend working with Jess who is clearly very experienced as an Ad Manager but also in running her own business and most importantly, being able to pass on her knowledge to those of us looking to learn." Katie Robson

Results: Broken all previous records set by previous marketing professionals!


"What I learned from Jess has been invaluable. It has meant that we are constantly striving for more efficiency in our ads and conversions with the skills that I learned. We are not only saving money, but we are making lots more money. For this, I want to sincerely thank you." Nirmal Singh


Results: Quit her job within 6 months of completing AdPreneur Academy to start a successful ads business and be her own boss.


"I can't describe what it (AdPreneur Academy) has given me. It's given me literally everything on a plate." Helen Baker


"Jess is really knowledgable and patient, and explains ads in simple terms."


"Jess can see things inside of your campaigns that sometimes are overlooked - it has been really helpful to me to see how another ad manager can help improve my campaigns and campaigns of my clients." Michael Hoffman

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