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business Jan 19, 2024

Once you’ve nailed your discovery call, the next step is to send a timely proposal that makes it a no-brainer for your lead to want to work with you. If your lead is talking to a number of freelancers, it’s even more important to make sure you use a winning formula and to give the client the confidence you are the only person for the job. Your proposal is where you’ll really come into your own and stand out. 

This guide will take you through the main sections of my own winning proposals, including examples from my own templates.

Start with their goals and challenges.

It’s crucial that you listen very carefully to their challenges and goals during your discovery calls. My discovery call notes always start off with ‘wants…’ and ‘but…’ because I like to use the language of my client whenever I’m following up. It’s very important they know right from the first paragraph that you understand what it is they want to achieve and how you can help them.

Make a case for the solution you’re offering.

It won't necessarily be enough to jump straight into your packages. Once your lead has been reassured you know what they want, they need to read how you're going to do that. Let me tell you. Your services are not the thing they need to hear at this point. WHAT? That's right. The next phase is to build a case for the thing you're offering. So in the example of an ads manager, you'll need to inform and educate as to why Facebook Ads are the solution to their problem and key to achieving the results they want.

Here's an example of how to do this as an ads manager (populating with the target audience of your client):

"As I see it, your ideal customers are [mums of young children and babies, likely between the ages of 25-45, either on maternity leave, working from home, or are ‘stay at home’ mums]. They’re also on social media every day. Facebook has over 1.2 billion DAILY ACTIVE USERS today, which means your ideal target audience is on Facebook. Unlike traditional forms of advertising like flyers, radio, newspaper, TV, etc, where you can't be sure that you’re reaching your exact target consumer, Facebook gives you the ability to put your ad in front of your exact target customers.

You can put your offer in front of your ideal audience: [Women, age 25-45, parents of young children, who live in the UK, who have shown an interest in fitness, and/or fitness related pages.] We can then break this down into different avatars, depending on their pain-points, and speak to the individual audiences within your different ads. And, you ONLY pay when your ideal audience sees your ad. 

Facebook ads are all about efficiency - no wasted money and you control exactly how much money you want to spend. As I mentioned above, because of all this, Facebook is the fastest and most cost effective way to grow a business."

This does two things: it creates demand for your service whilst positioning you as the knowledgable expert.

Itemise your package.

It's your choice whether you offer more than one package, but never more than 2 or 3. My preference is to offer a core offer with optional add-on services. Within your core package, you'll list out the deliverables and timescales if necessary. Each deliverable needs to show why it is important for all them to be included to achieve the overall objectives. The last thing you want is for the client to start pulling out pieces to get the cost down.


"1. I’ll work with you to come up with a great offer that will attract your ideal target customer. Since we’re putting your business in front of your ideal customers, you need to have an offer that will attract them to your business. I’ll work with you to craft the type of offer that is not only effective on Facebook, but will be cost-efficient for your business.

2. I’ll set up a sales funnel that brings leads into your business and converts those leads to sales. We’ll be building your email list while attracting your ideal customers to your business. I’ll also work with you to communicate with potential and existing customers using the Messenger platform, as well as retargeting people who respond to your adverts with appropriate follow-up ads to that you're not leaving any money on the table.

3. I’ll create, manage and oversee your Facebook ads campaign - start to finish. Running Facebook ads is an art and I specialise in getting results . I’ll create the kind of ad copy that converts on Facebook, as well as any necessary images (you’ll have full input on these elements too; collaboration from the business is always best as I like to treat my client work as a partnership). I take care of everything in running the Facebook ads, managing and monitoring them on a daily basis, as well as being available for bouncing ideas off and marketing consultancy.

4. Weekly breakdown of your results. I’m data-obsessed and am all about keeping my clients 'in the know,' so I’ll send you a weekly breakdown of the results we’re getting, including cost per lead, how many ideal customers we’re reaching, revenue, and more. You’ll know exactly how the Facebook ads are performing for your business."

Feel free to use personality as well as anything you know you can add value. Heck, this actually sounds fun and would get me excited to read as a potential client.

Your fee & payment terms

Notice how we haven't even talked money yet? That's because I want the client to know exactly what they're going to get and how I'm going to help them get the results they want. But at this point it's time to include your fee. Don't overthink it and make sure you charge your worth.

What’s not included

Clarity and transparency are key to have in place from the outset so Ito avoid any awkward conversations down the line, explicitly share what isn't included.


If you have complimentary services, anything not included, or upsells, add them in here, itemise and cost them. For example I may say that video editing is not included, but add it in this section as an optional extra.

Why they should work with you

If your lead has come this far, they already know you are a good candidate for the work, but it's always worthwhile reminding them why you're the best choice. Don't be afraid to show off with a testimonial, case study, recent client win, awards or other recognition.

Key information

Include anything your client needs to know - upcoming holidays, working hours etc. Again, as much as you can inform of upfront the less likely there'll be nasty surprises down the line for either of you.

Next steps

Always include a call to action and what the next steps should be and add some more excitement for the client. 

For example:

"If you’re ready to work with me, simply let me know when you’d like to get started by either calling me on [your phone number] or email [your phone number].

I will then send you my agreement and initial invoice. Once I receive the signed agreement and invoice payment, I’ll send you an onboarding document. We’ll also schedule a kickoff call to ensure we’re on the same page as we begin setting everything up. I’ll get started with designing and creating your sales funnel and killer Facebook ads campaigns right away."


Et voila. Your winning proposal is complete. Remember to send it in a timely manner depending on what was agreed at the end of the discovery call. If you said you'll send it the next day, send it the next day! Make sure you templatise your proposal so you don't have to rewrite it each time, just make sure to customise and personalise it for each client.


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